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The Los Alamos Lab Rats  are a mischief of 10,000 unique NFTs comprising of hand-drawn traits that appeal to those who seek to make a difference both in and out of the Metaverse.


The Los Alamos Lab Rats universe follows an ever-evolving community driven narrative where each member plays an invaluable role in determining the impact of The Colony on humanity.

The Legend of the Los Alamos Lab Rats begins!


Between 1942 and 1947, Los Alamos NM was home of The Manhattan Project

This was a clandestine project to develop the most powerful weapons ever created:


LALR Fireworks

Part of this top-secret project included testing how radiation and various chemical combinations would affect living organisms.


But the humans couldn't test on themselves.

So, another creature was "volunteered".

The humble rat.


Over time, and unbeknown to the humans, these defenseless rats mutated, developing superior intelligence, increased physical abilities and, in some cases, very special powers.

LALR Experiment
LALR The Beginning

They kept their new found skills to themselves. Watching on in horror as the humans moved closer to self-destruction.

Waiting for the perfect time to strike.

The rats began to escape and fled to the  tunnels and catacombs below the lab.

Here they formed a brotherhood named the


Realizing that the human's policy of self-destruction was a global issue, the Lab Rats began to expand their influence.

Over the decades, they infiltrated all levels of human society, establishing bases below government buildings, laboratories, and military facilities all over the world.

This network of LALR facilities was known as


LALR Meeting

After 80 years, the Los Alamos Lab Rats are everywhere.

A powerful group of nerdy rats inspired by science and pop culture,

subtly working in the shadows to guide the humans away from

destruction and saving the planet in the process.

LALR Blueprint Map

To learn why you should join the Los Alamos Lab Rats, press this button:

(But only if you are sure. You know, REALLY sure.)

LALR Button


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