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Who are we?

Los Alamos Lab Rats (LALR) is powered by the diverse and creative team at Fomonium Industries Pte. Ltd.

We are a global team, consisting of a steadfast-innovative-founder, an autodidactic-artist, 🐐.eth, stardream and a lawyer-who-loves-her-job: we are NFT-curious, comfortably quirky and a real life example that Hunter S. Thompson was spot on when he said ‘Good people drink good beer’. 

You can contact us at

What are my rights of ownership for an LALR NFT?

If you purchase an LALR NFT, you own all rights and title in the LALR NFT, including the right to sell and transfer it. You do not own the underlying artwork or images that are associated with, or represented by the LALR NFT.

Your rights to use and deal with the LALR NFT and underlying artwork are governed by the Los Alamos Lab Rats Purchase and License Agreement.

What can I do with my LALR NFT?

You can do many things with your LALR NFT, so long as it is for a personal non-commercial purpose. You can display it, use it as your profile picture, give a copy to a friend and make secondary sales in accordance with the Los Alamos Lab Rats Purchase and License Agreement.

Are there any restrictions on my LALR NFT ownership and license?

You cannot modify your LALR NFT or use it for any commercial purpose.

We are a community of love, respect and positivity – please don’t use your LALR NFT in a way that infringes someone else’s IP or harasses or offends any person or community.

If you create or use your LALR NFT in any way that constitutes unlawful, defamatory, harassing, abusive, fraudulent, racist, hateful, IP infringing, illegal or obscene activity, your LALR NFT Purchase and License Agreement may be terminated at our discretion.

How do I object to someone else’s LALR NFT?  

If you believe that someone else’s LALR NFT has been created or is being used in a way that is IP infringing or otherwise in an unlawful way, please contact us at

How is my personal information used?

We will not sell or provide your personal information to any third party for marketing purposes. Our full privacy policy is available here.

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